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[관리자전용] Naver is looking for foreign writers
2017-02-16 12:03:13 조회수310

Naver is looking for foreign writers to contribute to our blog (,

offering various kinds of information and guides for expats living in Korea.


Our ideal candidate:
- has lived in Korea for at least 3 months and has good taste in Korean things
- is interested in helping expats adapt to living in Korea (especially in Seoul)
- is eager to write about and share his/her experiences in Korea


- at least one article per week for 3 months

- 20,000 Won per 100 words
(Entries to be a combination of text and photos)


- Visa status
- Resume
o including a short bio of 3-5 sentences
- Writing sample on one of the sample topics below, or a topic of your choice
o 200-300 words; at least 5 photographs
- List of 5-10 topics / themes you would want to write about if you are to be selected


Writing sample categories:
- Shopping, dining, recreation, or transportation guides for Seoul
- Traveling around Korea
- How to be a vegetarian in Korea
- How to enjoy a weekend in Seoul
- Favorite places to spend your spare time
- Practical tips for expats (banking, phone contracts, etc.)
- Neighborhood-specific information (Itaewon, Hongdae, etc.)
Email address :