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[AIESEC] 아이섹 한국외대지부 외국인 봉사자 모집 안내
2020-11-12 10:11:35 조회수361

2021 Winter Aiesec HUFS



Do you want to spend your vacation meaningfully?

Do you want to actively participate in this project form preparation to execution?

Aiesec in HUFS is recruiting the local volunteers needed for this winter's Treeger Project!


What is the Treeger project?

Educational service for youth

Classes based on SDGs

1 week : human right

2 week : environment issues

All classes in the Treeger Project are conducted in English under your leadership.


Duration and fee

class preparation period : 12/ 27~ 1/10

class activity period : 1/ 11~ 1/22

(Each session will take 2~3 hours.)

fee : 30.000 KRW


Why do you have to apply for this project?

Here you can do everything :)

You can teach student and gain teaching skills

You can make all the class content and have time to think about social problems with students

You can learning Korean culture and get good relationships


How to apply?

Recruitment Deadline : 8th December 2020

After submitting the application, receive an email from Aiesec in HUFS to schedule the interview. If you pass the interview, you can join our project.????


More information

Phone number : 010-7322-7520

Email :

Instagram : aiesec_in_hufs

Application Form :

Promotions related to the project will continue to be updated through Instagram @aiesec_in_hufs, so please pay attention. ☺☺