공지 한국 여행 영상 공모전 – Show us your Korea 모집 홍보
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[Show us Your Korea!

- Free trip·Create a Video & Win a Prize]



1. Making a video of your trip in Korea (Any region in Korea)

Introducing Korea to a foreign friend who is new to Korea or misses traveling in Korea!

2. My travel video/vlog introducing Korea


Video creation requirements

1 to 3 minutes video

Video can be in any language, but English or Chinese subtitles must be added regardless of language.

Completed video should be uploaded on your YouTube channel.



Foreign nationals in Korea You can participate individually or as a team.


Registration period

From October 12th to October 23rd


Inquiry / funday1 (kakaotalk)


Contest process

First round

Sign up and submit application with a sample video on our website (

Announcement of the qualifiers : October 26th (Applicants selected who passed the first round will be announced by email.) 

Second round

- Dates : October 26th to November 20th (Qualifiers will receive an individual mail)

Final Announcement : November 30th (On Allmytour and Funday Korea Networks website)

Judging Criteria : Judges, Likes on the video


100,000 won of paid travel expenses to the 30 applicatns who passed the first round.


1st place (1 person) : 1,000,000won

2nd place (1 person) : 600,000won

3rd place (2 people) : 300,000won

One special award for the best content : 100,000won


Participants benefits

5 people out of the 30 selected on the first round (random selection) will win 2 days 1 night FREE trip to Gangwon-do on November 14th~15th. (accommodation, meals, gift and activities provided.)

5 people out of the 30 selected on the first round (random selection) will win 2 days 1 night FREE Winter Ski Trip on November 28th-29th.

(accommodation, meals, gift and activities provided.)

* The schedule is subject to change depending on circumstances.


Rules & Regulations

The schedule of the trip and money prize payment will be notified individually to winners.

Even after the winner’s announcement if the content it’s found to be plagiarized, the winner will be disqualified and the prize will be canceled.

Participants involved in the contest are liable for any copyright infringements caused by their voice.

In the case of the winning work being granted an award from other contest or in the case of use of others’ work without permission the participant will automatically be disqualified, if already granted the award (money prize) the prize must be returned.

Winners and prized are paid after tax deductions for domestic winners based on the Korean government’s regulations.

Copyright to award-winning works are shared with producers, Allymytour and Funday Korea Networks.

Entries shall not have any legal problems, such as the rights of the third party’s copyright (voice, video, photo, font, etc.) portrait, trademark, etc.